Subscribers Get New 2023 Finalist List Early!

The Willow Awards always releases the new finalist list titles at the beginning of April. However, we realize that there are some great opportunities to get extra discounts on orders with different book companies right now in March. We know how schools and libraries are always struggling with funds, so we are releasing our 2023 Willow Awards finalist list a week early to our subscribers. If you would like to receive the list be sure to click on “Subscribe to Willow Updates” on the bottom of the Willow website.

There are some great titles coming your way this year!

Check for an email from us on March 27th!

Vote Submission Draws For Free Books!

Every voting submission is eligible to win free books for your classroom or library! We make 3 draws. One is an early bird draw for submissions that come in before March 15th. The other two draws happen after voting closes March 31st. Only 20 days left to read and vote!

Who will our winners be this year?

Rider-ize Your Classroom with the Rider Reading Program and the Willow Awards!

Exciting News! The Saskatchewan Roughrider Foundation is partnering with The Willow Awards this year through The Rider Reading Program.

Your classroom or school can sign up to request a visit and reading with a Roughrider player! Share your favourite book to read together! Consider using one of our amazing past or present nominees or winners for your Rider Reading Program selection!

Read to find out more about the Rider Reading Program and how to register your class …

Perdue School To Host the 2023 SaskEnergy Willow Awards Gala!

Stay tuned for more information!

Willow Awards Virtual Bottle Drive Drop & Go

Donate the value of your order to The Willow Awards!

Drop & Go is a new service that is available at all SARCAN depots in Saskatchewan. It allows customers to skip lineups by leaving their order at the depot and getting their refunds transferred electronically. Your order will still be counted by Sarcan staff!

Donate your order to: Willow Awards

Your donation will help us continue for another year! Thank you!

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