Each year, the Saskatchewan Young Reader’s Choice Awards (SYRCA) calls for submissions for the next year’s Willow Awards. There are three categories:

  • Shining Willow Award – for young readers to grade 3
  • Diamond Willow Award – for upper elementary readers in grades 4 to 6
  • Snow Willow Award – for youth in grades 7 and up

Submission Guidelines for Publishers

  1. Books must be written by a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada.
  2. Books may be fiction or non-fiction. Textbooks will not be considered.
  3. Books must be copyrighted in the past 2 years. (ie. books for the 2020 finalists must be copyright 2018 or 2019)
  4. Books must be published in Canada.
  5. Reprints or re-issues are not eligible.
  6. New editions are eligible only if there is evidence of significant change in text.
  7. All books must be in English. Books, which have been translated into English are eligible if the original author and the translator are Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada.
  8. Anyone may submit a book for consideration by the selection committees.
  9. Anthologies are eligible if all contributors are Canadian or permanent residents of Canada.
  10. Selection committees are not restricted by consideration of submitted titles.
  11. Publishers should be willing to provide sufficient numbers of copies to support school and public libraries interested in purchasing the finalists.
  12. By submitting books, publisher’s agree to allow us to promote books chosen as Willow finalists on our website, posters, bookmarks and other forms of communication. This would include information found on the publisher’s website such as a picture of the book cover, parts of the book annotations, pictures of the author and/or illustrator, and biographical information about the author and/or illustrator.

Submission Procedures

Three (3) copies of books for consideration should be shipped to the appropriate Selection Committee Chair as indicated below:

Shining Willow Books (Young Readers to Grade 3)

Ship to:

The Shining Willow Award Committee
St. Angela School Attn: Lindsay Shawarski
420 22nd St. E
Saskatoon, SK S7K 1X3

Diamond Willow Books (Grade 4 to 6)
Ship to:

Erin Walton
6 Cecil Cres.
Regina, SK S4T 5Y4


Snow Willow Books (Grades 7 and up)
Ship to:

Darrelle Downs
125 Delayen Cres.
Saskatoon, SK S7N 2V5

Deadline for receiving books is September 30th of each year.

Publishers whose books are selected as Willow Awards’ finalists will be notified in February.