Promotional Ideas

Promotional Ideas

A Plan For the Development of Phonological Awareness Skills Using the 2019 Shining Willow Finalists as Mentor Texts

A detailed resource developed by Andrea Dunk, an Instructional Consultant with Saskatoon Public Schools, and Allison Kershaw, a Special Education teacher with Saskatoon Public Schools. Thank you for sharing your work with us! Click here to see the pdf… Developing Phonological Awareness Skills Using the 2019 Shining Willows as Mentor Texts

How Are You Using the Willow Finalist books?

Many people are doing exceptional things to promote the Willow finalists each year with their readers. Sometimes simple ideas can make a big difference to the programming success that happens around the reading of these great books.

We are currently gathering information and ideas from around the province to provide support for those striving to create a love of reading around the Willows.

Please consider taking a picture or writing a description of something that you have done to help promote the Willows in your building. You can email your ideas in our Contact Us form. Submissions prior to November 13th each year are eligible for prizes in our Willow Launch program.

Here are some ideas that people have done with great success!

  • Kindergartners inspired by the 2020 Shining Willow Finalist Boxitects!















  • Use Willow books as read-alouds or for literature circles
  • Use the activities, posted on our website, suggested for each of the  books
  • Create a Willow display or bulletin board
  • Have a voting centre set up in your classroom/library
  • Host a Willow day and have guest readers in to read the Shining books
  • Hosting a school-wide book bracket
  • Holding an assembly to introduce titles
  • Have a Willow Book Club or include Willow books in your current book club. Eg. Battle of the Books
  • Use the Willow books as part of Reading Response Journal activities
  • Use the books to support your persuasive writing unit– have students write a persuasive letter as to which book they think is the most worthy of the award or hold a debate
  • Use the picture books to help teach themes across your curriculum
  • Keep a voting tally board to track your library’s/school’s votes
  • Host a book tasting using the Willow books