Willow Awards Gala

Willow Awards Gala

Saskatchewan Young Readers’ Choice – The Willow Awards invites schools/libraries to apply to host the Annual

What You Need to Know

  • The Willow Awards Gala includes the announcement of the Willow Awards winners and the award presentations.
  • It is a day event with author readings in the morning and the Gala and reception in the afternoon.
  • There is a budget to bring one or more authors to the Gala to provide reading(s) to the host school or library. Accommodation costs for authors will be covered. Their transportation costs will be covered up to a certain amount. This could be affected by the distance they need to travel once they arrive in Saskatchewan.
  • The Gala should be student-centered, involving students in a meaningful way.
  • The Gala should not exceed 1 hour in length.
  • The Gala should attract some media coverage.
  • The Gala is live-streamed when possible.
  • The SYRCA Board will reimburse the host school or library for expenses up to a stated limit (generally up to $500).
  • The host school or library will receive a set of the 30 books nominated for that year, a willow tree and a commemorative plaque.
  • The host school or library must be able to hold the Gala between the dates of May 21 and June 2. Applications outside of these dates may be considered.
  • The Board of Directors of SYRCA will announce the successful Gala host in late November and provide them with a board liaison and a binder to help with planning.


Proposal Submission Details:

Please consider and include: 

  • Any ideas you have for getting students involved in reading the Willows prior to the Gala, 
  • Ideas for drama, musical presentations and/or visual art ideas that will be a part of the Gala program, 
  • Possible dignitaries who will be invited,
  • Grade levels that will be involved in the gala presentation,
  • Who will be on your planning team? – In the past, it has been helpful to have several people at the school/library involved in the planning and execution of the gala. 
  • Possible hotel accommodations for visiting authors – The cost of hotel accommodations and per diem meals for authors will be provided. These costs will be finalized in consultation with the board. 
  • Transportation arrangements to and from the airport and gala event for authors – Willow board members are not available to do this and depending on distances some authors may not be comfortable on their own.
  • Include the date during the time frame of May 21 to June 2 that the Gala will occur and the location. Applications outside of these dates may be considered.
  • To apply to host the Annual Gala, please complete this form by November 15th.


Gala Proposal Submission Online Form:

Fill Out Form

16th Annual Gala at Warman Community Middle School

15th Annual Gala at Ecole Forest Grove School

14th Annual Gala at MacNeill Elementary School

17th Annual Gala at St. Angela School, Saskatoon

The COVID-19 pandemic prevented us from hosting a gala celebration in the spring of 2020. However, students in Annaheim, SK and Regina, SK had an opportunity to introduce us to the 2019 winning authors. Their videos are below:

2019 Shining Willow winner Cale Atkinson

2019 Diamond Willow winner Joel A. Sutherland

2019 Snow Willow winner Kelley Armstrong











The Award


2014 Gala – Willow tree presentation



2015 Gala – Winning Authors Lisa Harrington and David Carroll



2015 Gala – Musical Number at Assiniboia Park Elementary School, Weyburn



2016 Gala – Enjoying the reception at MacNeill School



2016 Gala – Rona Arato accepting her Diamond Willow Award



2017 Gala – Book presentation from ULS to Ecole Forest Grove School