Diamond Willow

2020 Diamond Willow Vote Summary Form

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Please ensure that children who vote have read from 4-10 of the finalist books.

Fill in and submit the online Vote Summary Form below by March 31st. Parents whose children are not voting through a school or public library may fill in the form to record their child’s vote. Please indicate “Home” in the place of School/Library.

Student Information

Please retain the names of students who voted. Should your school or library be chosen for a student book prize, you will be sent the book and asked to draw the winner from your student name list.

Summary of Votes

2021 Diamond Willow Summary Form


TheBarrenGrounds book coverDavid A. Robertson
Brushmaker’sDaughter book coverKathy Kacer
FishOutOfWater book coverJoanne Levy
TheGhostCollector book coverAllison Mills
TheJigsawPuzzleKing book coverGina McMurchy-Barber


MyasStrategyToSaveTheWorld book coverTanya Lloyd Kyi
NoVacancy book coverTziporah Cohen
Notorious book coverGordon Korman
TheStrayAndTheStrangers book coverSteven Heighton
WhatIfSoldiersFoughtWithPillows book coverHeather Camlot