Alternate Means of Voting for the 2019 Willow Finalists

Alternate Means of Voting for the 2019 Willow Finalists

With the abrupt closure of schools in March due to safety measures around COVID-19, many schools have not been able to submit their student votes.

We would like to encourage teachers, librarians and parents to please collect as many votes as possible and submit them on our website.

Thanks to Pamela Wenger, a teacher-librarian in Regina Public Schools, there is a Google Form available to allow educators and librarians to gather votes online from their classes. The teacher/librarian would need access to the Google suite of apps. Students would just need a link. The votes collected could then be entered on our website. If you are interested in using this form to collect votes, please contact us on our Contact Form and we will send it out to you.

If you are unable to collect your students’ votes, please encourage parents to submit their children’s votes on our website.

Shining votes

Diamond votes

Snow votes

Thank you to everyone continuing to promote reading and enjoyment of Canadian books!


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